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Mixed use

  • Studio at Moffat Beach
Studio Addition at Moffat Beach
       The Studio was an addition to Orana Flats built 1961. 
  • Lecture Theatre Six at the University of the Sunshine Coast

Lecture Theatre Six was converted from space created as part of the University's first stage and destined for futrure detail fitout. 

  • Moving Cafe´la Tin at the University of the Sunshine Coast

Cafe´ la Tin as it was affectionately known, was the original Refectory, designed by architects Mitchell/Giurgola & Thorp, & built as part of Stage One of the University of the Sunshine Coast. 

  • Lecture Theatre Five at the University of the Sunshine Coast

Lecture Theatre Five was converted from a computer laboratory during the year 2000 Christmas holidays. The fairly tight space was transformed into a workable and stimulating environment. 

  • Amenities : Ballinger Beach Park

As Caloundra's coastline is the Town's most important feature, Roger believes that any structures built close should respect and respond to

it. They should be treated like works of art.

Amenities : Ballinger Beach Park

The Ann St amenities building is a simple utilitarian structure which responds to Caloundra's natural and built heritage.

Inspiration came from the eroded Landsborough Gray sandstone of Caloundra's coastlineand the WW2 fortifications on Bribie Island. Caloundra had strategic military importance during this time, as it commanded the only major shipping lane into Brisbane

  • Cadet : Conversion of Old Council Depot

Conservation and change of use of the old Caloundra Council Works Depot to an educational campus for CADET/Skillshare. The original timber framed industrial buildings were designed "in the field" in 1953, and were augmented with various additions including relocated beach changing sheds, a shelter shed, a relocated garage from the main street, and even one structure was built from recycled material from the dump.

  • Amenities Building : Beerwah Field Study Centre

Designed to best practice environmental standards, the facility handles up to 40 persons. The Beerwah Field Study Centre occupies a lease at the old Beerwah Forest Centre, established after WW1 to introduce plantation timber production to the area. The Centre adjoins Scientific Area One, over 600 Ha of wallum county.