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Lecture Theatre Five at the University of the Sunshine Coast

The job involved conversion of a 6m x 10m computer laboratory. Four initial layout strategies were considered before one was selected and fine tuned. Programming was tight, with initial design work commencing in November 2000 and completion by the end of January 2001





Planning optimised various criteria including numbers to be accommodated; view lines; and capability for user interaction. Rows of seats run down the long axis so that the height between tiers can be maximised. This, coupled with the offset lectern, enables a clear view of the screen from all seats. The curve in the seating arrangement was designed to foster interaction within the audience. There is provision for wheelchair users plus some overflow seating.








The space incorporates an array of audio-visual teaching aids, with visualiser, computer and video projected onto a screen which rolls down in front of the white board at the touch of a button. Equipment is built into the compact jellybean shaped lectern, with controls close to hand to enable smooth flowing presentation.




Vibrant colours energise the space, and reverberation is controlled by use of carpet on ceiling vents, lectern and decorative strips on the walls. A new false ceiling muffles a noisy existing air conditioning system. Seats were recycled from a theatre, and fitted with tablets to suit their new use. The theatre is identified externally by use of spiral welded stainless steel bollards.