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Lecture Theatre Six at the University of the Sunshine Coast

The theatre utilised two spaces within the existing Business Faculty building.

It was envisaged that as the campus developed, these spaces would be developed for specialised use. The University required a minimum of 100 seats, however 120 was preferable, with wheelchair access beyond the basic BCA requirements.

The seating setout is based on a compound curve to best utilise space, optimise view angles, and engender interaction within the group.

The major transfer beam and column setout in the existing envelope presented constraints to both seating arrangement and tiering possibilities. Computer modelling was used to optimise sight lines.


The lectern is located right of centre to provide a clear view of the screens and whiteboard, and give flexibility in lecture presentation. The “jellybean” shape has been designed to accommodate an array of audio visual equipment.

The central touchscreen is pre-programmed to implement complex changes of function within the space with a single command.

As the “nerve centre” of the space, the lectern is given visual prominence through choice of a polyester resin top.

A range of ingredients, including jelly crystals, sea salt, Melaleuca flowers & phosphorescent chips, provide dramatic effects through a range of lighting conditions.

To minimise unnecessary use of air-conditioning, the system is controlled via the University’s intranet and operates only when classes are booked to use the theatre.

Photography by Greg Miller