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Moving Cafe´la Tin at the University of the Sunshine Coast

“Cafe´ la Tin” as it was affectionately known, was the original Refectory, designed by architects Mitchell/Giurgola & Thorp, & built as part of Stage One of the University of the Sunshine Coast. When its site was required for the new ICT Building, Roger was given the job of relocating the various components.

The canopy became a covered stage for a new amphitheatre located at the University’s lake. The illustrations show the structure being transported across the campus - quite a sight as it was raised & twisted around pole mounted lights in the carport.
New electric BBQ’s were provided to allow for casual recreational use.
These were incorporated into precast, textured, circular bases with polished concrete cantilevered tops.
The photos show the bases complete with gum leaf textures under construction.

The kitchen & amenities were resited on the mound between the Rugby field and athletics track. Different solutions for attached shade structures were investigated and modelled.