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Shade Structures for the Dicky Beach Shopping Centre


The Dicky Beach shops are located at the eastern end of Beerburrum Street & service the surrounding neighbourhood as well as the adjacent beachfront park & caravan park/camping area. The shade structures were part of an overall scheme designed by Caloundra City Council to upgrade the precinct.










Their function was to improve the ambient environment for users of the centre, & to provide visual character & a unifying theme. Beerburrum Street is a main connector road with a 60 kph speed limit required by the Department of Main Roads. The streetscaping aimed to reduce traffic speeds by creating a visual environment consistent with an area of lower speed limit. The shade structures assist by signalling the centre as a “destination” at the end of the street. They are visible from some distance and have sufficient visual impact to achieve this effect.








The detail design met community requirements for the use of timber elements to achieve a natural look, evoke images of ships’ masts & sails, & are robust enough to resist vandalism. As the shopping centre faces north, a simple louvered design provides deep shade in summer while allowing good sun penetration in winter.