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Sally Todd

Sally Todd Designs in Colour

Sally Todd Designs in Colour  is an interior design business specialising in colour consultancy.  Sally graduated in interior design from Griffith University.

Sally Todd practices at 8 Campbell St, Moffat Beach, Caloundra, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Contact Sally Todd electrocuted@powerup.com.au
Sally 07 5491 2510

An interior or exterior colour scheme is $150.00 - that is basically just paint.
If it is both then the fee is $280.00.

I like to come to the site or house and see the neighbouring house colours- even the colour of the vegetation can be important. Then I would talk to you about your ideas and colour preferences - I never start to form ideas until this is done because the end result must please you. We would talk about what interior items are staying and which are going, what the functions of each the  rooms will be, how much light the room will receive and generally what we should highlight and what we should play down. I will tell you if I think something looks wrong and hope I don’t offend but it is often useful to have a fresh, unbiased opinion !

If the consultation is more involved and includes fabric, carpet, tile selections then I work on an hourly rate of $80.00

After talking to you, I like to think it over by myself and pull out some ideas. When I have a concept I would present it to you roughly, ask your opinion and we’d fine tune it together. I leave you with colour samples on the day and later type up a schedule. I always advise that the painter to put a dab of the paint on the larger sample before proceeding to check that it is the true colour.