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Services & Fees

Fees for the full architectural service are normally based on a percentage of the construction cost (or best estimate) The percentage is established according to a graph.  An extract from the graph for “complex” projects (including individual houses) is shown at the bottom of this page.

For lower budget projects the percentage is greater because the same processes need to be followed no matter what size the job.  This is a general guide only as individual needs vary.  There are often instances where the fee is based on an hourly rate because the service does not fit the standard pattern.  If the work required for a project is less than the fee scale would indicate, and provided I can still provide a service of suitable professional standard, I am happy to reduce my fee accordingly. For alterations to existing buildings, the fee is increased by 10% due to the additional work required.

Designing and implementing a building project is a time consuming process, especially if you have high asperations regarding the final result. Roger provides an architectural service in the true sense of the word. He is interested in the art and science of building. The fee structure is designed to enable quality architecture to be produced. Interestingly, it has been shown that competent and complete documentation can actually reduce building costs, as builders have better direction and can work more efficiently.

If your building project demands something special, feel free to contact Roger on an obligation free basis. He is happy to discuss your individual requirements.

The full service is further subdivided into a number of stages as detailed below.  
Detail may vary for individual projects.  Some projects involve a partial service or do not fit the usual pattern - fees for these need to be established individually. Please contact Roger for fees for residential unit, commercial or institutional work, as well as inspection or specialist heritage or conservation services.

  • SCHEMATIC DESIGN - approx 15% of the full service

This stage includes site inspection and (if required) liaison with a surveyor, survey of existing structures and site features; investigation of broad planning options; preparation of a schematic design; initial town planning consideration, and an opinion as to probable cost, in conjunction with a quantity surveyor if required.


The basic diagrammatic concept developed in the Schematic Stage is fully resolved in planning and aesthetic terms, and

illustrated via 3D computer modelling techniques as well as by conventional plans, sections and elevations.  Preliminary engineering advice and soil testing, as well as other specialist advice, eg interior design, hydraulic, landscape architecture, may be required at this stage.  Costings are updated.  Final documentation is suitable for town planning submissions.

Considers structural and constructional aspects, plus design refinements.  Provides information sufficient for the gaining of a Council Building Permit.  This stage includes liaison with a structural engineer and other consultants where required.


Involves documentation of additional details, schedules, specification, contract conditions etc in enough detail to enable competitive tendering




Involves calling and reporting on tenders; preparation and execution of the building contract; negotiations with the builder; periodic inspections and meetings on site; general "trouble shooting" and resolution of conflicts within the documentation; production of additional information as required, eg 1:50 cabinetwork details, tiling details, set out and construction details, schedule of colours & finishes, design refinements and minor variations if indicated; liaison with specialist consultants; certification of payments; administration of variations; time extensions and other contractual matters.

This is the graph used for calculating the full fee for a standard service.