Roger & Sally Todd practice at 8 Campbell St, Moffat Beach, Caloundra, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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    • Our Mission To provide the design skill and technical expertise to turn your ideas into reality.

    • The service we provide can encompass all aspects of the design and construction administration for your building, from the initial site inspection through to the final hand over.

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recording local history and heritage

Roger's qualifications are a Bachelor of Design Studies, and a Bachelor of Architecture, both from the University of Queensland. He was registered as an architect in 1984, and has been in private practice in Caloundra since that time.

Personal interests include built environmental issues, local heritage, surfing and the environment. He believes that good design, and a considered response to the site, climate and client's aspiration's are key factors in producing quality buildings.

Roger runs ArchiCAD on a Mac Platform. This system enables the generation of perspective views, sun studies, and 3D visualisation.

ArchiCAD can export BIMx files which can be viewed on the free app on iPad.

Roger provides the full range or architectural services with special interest areas including heritage conservation and passive & low energy architecture. He also provides building inspection services and specialist reports. Roger is happy to meet you on an obligation free basis to discuss your project.

Roger is active within the heritage conservation area, and respects the built fabric left from the past.

Reuse solutions can add layers of meaning to places.

8 Campbell St - demonstrating the BIMx model

Sally Todd Designs in Colour is an interior design business specialising in colour consultancy. Sally graduated in interior design from Griffith University. Color consultant.

Caloundra's unique heritage of Fibro beach houses, built when the town boomed after WW2, provide inspiration for some of their work. Roger is a heritage advocate and hopes that this character can be conserved for future generations. Shown is Seasongs 35 McIlwraith St.Illustrations above show Roger & Sally's home and office at 8 Campbell St, the old Caloundra lighthouse, alterations and extensions to 1939 flats at Kings Beach.

First floor addition to a 1983 steel framed Logan home. To maintain continuity with the place, the original was “lightly touched” by a new first floor. Full advantage was taken of the northerly exposure towards the lake, with midday sun admitted during winter but excluded in summer due to fine tuned eaves overhang & sunshading.

Roger is an advocate for sustainable design and planning. He believes that climatically responsive individual buildings within a neighbourhood planning approach are the way forward. Placemaking, including heritage conservation is also vital in maintaining healthy communities.

Winter cusp Summer cusp

The screenshots show sun angle analysis used to optomise sun penetration

Roofs to northern facing rooms can be tuned up to take advantage of the low angles of winter sunshine. Studies are typically done for the Winter cusp - 17th Oct & 26th Feb, and the Summer cusp - 31st Aug & 14th April, which are the times when temperatures change from warm to cool and vice versa.

From these times, shading improves into mid Summer, and sun penetration inproves into mid Winter.

The amenities building at the Ballinger Beach Reserve draws on the imagery of the Caloundra Coastline. The eroded Landsborough Grey sandstone and ruins of World War II fortifications are echoed in the textured concrete finish. It is nestled behind the frontal dune, with the light weight roof responding to the line of wind carved vegetation, and alluding to the monopitch Fibro roofs of the old beach houses still common in the area.

Moffat Headland rock texture

From 2010 to 2014 the Rotary Club of Caloundra,

of which Roger is a member

completed a tranquility Garden at Caloundra Hospital.

Recent heritage related projects:

Roger assisted with the conservation and upgrading of the 1913 Gympie Railway Station during 2017/18 and in 2022 the reconstruction of the 1915 footbridge was completed. The precinct is listed under the Queensland Heritage Act. Click the link to view the video of the BIMx model generated in ArchiCAD

Conservation Management Plans for Schools

2017-19 For Building and Asset Services, Department of Housing and Public Works, on behalf of the Department of Education

Typically, these schools had been identified by Project Services as being of heritage significance, and were being progressively State listed by the Department of Environment and Science.


A project to map and describe places of cultural significance on the Coast -

The first project was to investigate post WW2 places on the Coast, with a pilot study of Moffat Beach

Works to Fairview, Maleny for the Sunshine Coast Council

Following a detailed Management Plan for this 1908 pit sawn Beech farmhouse, the current works include interior and exterior painting, roof maintenance, stabilisation of the rear verandah, restoration of lost elements including a window, door and verandah balustrades, and work to the kitchen and bathroom.

Memorial Park CMP for the Gympie Regional Council

The park demonstrates the importance of the Boer and Great Wars on the history of Queensland, and has become a lasting tribute to the fallen in those wars as well as in subsequent wars. The citizens of Gympie who conceived and funded the park as a memorial wanted to provide a restful and beautiful place where people could relax, meet for recreational purposes, and enjoy the freedom which cost the lives of so many.

In 2014, Roger assisted with general advice and 3D documentation of streetscape works within the heritage context of Palmwoods township for the Sunshine Coast Council. Roger has also been active in community lobbying for conservation of heritage assets in Palmwoods

Master Planning for the old Redcliffe Fire Station

The 1948 brick building with subsequent extensions occupies a prominent position on Oxley Ave and is on the Queensland Heritage Register. It was proposed to be repurposed for an arts centre by the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

In 2014, Roger assisted with general advice and 3D documentation of streetscape works within the heritage context of Palmwoods township for the Sunshine Coast Council. Roger has also been active in community lobbying for conservation of heritage assets in Palmwoods

Conservation works to 15 Ngungun St, Dicky Beach

This 1970s beach house was designed by influential architect John Railton and is still used as a holiday house

Woombye School of Arts

The project involved liaison with the the building owners/users and designers to explore the brief, as well as design directions and alternatives. Recommendations were made to modify the initial proposals to lessen the impact on the significance of the place. The final document also served as a Heritage Impact Assessment Report for the revised design. Conservation of the projector room and evidence of the layout of the front rooms has been enabled