Mt Mellum House

This unbuilt project sat in a picturesque site with a northern aspect looking onto bushland. there was a great eastern view to the sea and Moreton Island, with the challenge being to capture this view while also capitalising on the northern aspect. One of the simplest and effective strategies for attaining good environmental performance is the use of eaves on the northern elevation. These shield the house from high angled summer sun, yet allow low angled winter sun to penetrate the interior.

view from the north

A long east/west axis is ideal as this presents a long northern face and minimises exposure to the east and west. Morning and afternoon sun is difficult to control due to its low angle, and is a source of overheating in many houses. A "thin" envelope is also the most effective for natural ventilation. We are fortunate that our cooling summer breezes come from the north east.

A section of the deck has been lowered to allow access to the pool and to facilitate uninterrupted views to Moreton island to the east. The north facing verandah is sheltered from rain bearing south east winds and cold winter westerlies