Sea & Sky units

Bernie had chosen a site which presented interesting possibilities. Two lots, previously zoned commercial, but never developed as such, were surrounded and separated by vacant road reserve. This was originally intended for access, awnings and parking, but now gave the opportunity to have small house lots of about 250m2 within in a parkland setting.

The six houses are orientated northwards, with the individual houses staggered east and west to give each maximum northern light. Large eaves on the north provide shade in summer, but admit heat in winter when the sun is at a lower angle. Ground floors are concrete slabs. These soak up the heat and re-radiate it for many hours.

Each house has its own separate courtyard. The "solar pergolas" are designed to maximise shading in summer. The north eastern orientation faces the cooling summer breeze. Service and access areas are to the west, and provide a buffer to cold winter winds and afternoon summer sun. Windows on the side are well shaded.

The project as a whole was computer modelled and tested to ensure adequate sun in the courtyards between 10:00am and 1:00pm. individual components such as eaves, pergolas, window hoods and privacy screening were tested to maximise solar efficiency.

We often take our climate for granted. We can achieve year round comfort fairly easily, and only a few basic steps are necessary to greatly reduce energy expenditure. Shelter is a serious survival issue in a lot of places on the planet.