• Caloundra Lighthouses

The 1896 Lighthouse is the oldest surviving building in the Caloundra township. It was relocated in 1970 after it was replaced with a reinforced concrete structure. In 1999 , Roger was instrumental in restoring it to it's original site. Since the 1968 Signal Station has been accessible to the community, Roger has continued involvement and currently the two lighthouses are open to the public.

  • Post WW2 Development

Caloundra boomed after WW2, and it now boasts a considerable stock of beach houses from the 1950's & 1960's The fifties were a stable decade with one Prime Minister for the whole time. There was prosperity, and unemployment was unheard of. People had leisure time, motor vehicles, and passable roads to the coast. Optimistic attitudes, interest in "modern architecture" and unpretentious expression mixed to produce this unique style

see sunshinecoastplaces for the study

  • World War Two Heritage

The WWll fortifications on Bribie Island. Caloundra had strategic military importance during this time, as it commanded the only major shipping lane into Brisbane

    • Beerwah Forest Centre

  • Roger had a long association with the centre, which began when the Caloundra based Estuarine Research Group leased three single mens' quarters within the Beerwah Forest Centre in 1989. The Centre is an example of adaptive reuse which has enabled conservation of a significant place. The Centre adjoins Scientific Area One, over 600 Ha of mainly wallum country and of scientific significance.

  • Old Council Works Depot

The original timber framed industrial buildings at 60 George St were designed "in the field" in 1953, and were augmented with various additions including relocated beach shelters, changing sheds, a shelter shed,a relocated garage from the main street, and even one structure was built from recycled material from the dump.

  • Trentham

Conservation and change of use for 7 Wilson Ave, Dicky Beach, Caloundra. The original house had been built in 1939 for rental accommodation, and has some local significance in that it is one of the originals in that area. It was also important in it's contribution to the character of the streetscape, and in it's ability to demonstrate the later evolution of the local beach house "style" of the 1950's and 60's.

  • 15 Ngungun St

Conservation works to 15 Ngungun St, Dicky Beach

This 1970s beach house was designed by influential architect John Railton and is still used as a holiday house