Buderim Extension

The extension was bulged out into the limited space available to the south and east. The use of translucent walling would blur the interior/exterior interface. The small informal dining area could be screened from the neighbour but capitalise on the north & south views. By extending towards the road, there was an opportunity to give the house a totally new look.

This view at twilight shows the house glowing as interior light filters through the translucent walls. The southeast corner of the original remained a key structural support point. This freed up the positioning of the external walls. The roof was built up from the original to allow a greater run at lower pitch. South facing translucent walls with generous overhang could be used without fear of excessive heat gains. Sun studies were used to fine tune the northern roof overhang over the informal dining.

A timely upgrade to this 1970’s brick veneer house not only increases livability and adds street appeal, but also increases the value of the property to match surrounding new development. The additional layer of habitation has been woven around the original in a way which complements the old, but at the same sets off in a new design direction.

Photography at completion by Brett Wortman

This view of the eastern wall during construction shows the interference effect as light shines through the fibreglass and timber battens